Monday, January 14, 2013

Long time no see

Wow, I can't believe I have slacked to terribly!!! Alot has happened and changed since my last post and man are we still as busy as ever!! We are now in 2013, crazy where time has gone!! We have now all had our birthdays until May!! Wes is now 11, Mason 9, Hayden 8, Caitlyn 6 and Parker is 4!! Skyler and I both hit the big 30 in 2012!!! 2012 was quite a year for us, we were married 10 years, both 30 and build and moved into a house!!! WHEW... We are now in full swing of basketball, this is Wes' last year to play sports through and organization, he will be in Jr High next year (tear :'/)!! We are really antiscipating baseball, our families favorite sport and busiest time of the year... Its currently 25 degrees outside and baseball season means spring, MY FAVORITE time of year!! I know I should probably keep this up alot better, but I do good to quickly get on my facebook and scan through and quickly update that!! Until next time!! My pictures are acting funny, I apologize for the layout!!

November 2012 Family Vacation Wes' last game befor Jr High

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