Monday, January 14, 2013

Long time no see

Wow, I can't believe I have slacked to terribly!!! Alot has happened and changed since my last post and man are we still as busy as ever!! We are now in 2013, crazy where time has gone!! We have now all had our birthdays until May!! Wes is now 11, Mason 9, Hayden 8, Caitlyn 6 and Parker is 4!! Skyler and I both hit the big 30 in 2012!!! 2012 was quite a year for us, we were married 10 years, both 30 and build and moved into a house!!! WHEW... We are now in full swing of basketball, this is Wes' last year to play sports through and organization, he will be in Jr High next year (tear :'/)!! We are really antiscipating baseball, our families favorite sport and busiest time of the year... Its currently 25 degrees outside and baseball season means spring, MY FAVORITE time of year!! I know I should probably keep this up alot better, but I do good to quickly get on my facebook and scan through and quickly update that!! Until next time!! My pictures are acting funny, I apologize for the layout!!

November 2012 Family Vacation Wes' last game befor Jr High

Friday, September 9, 2011


Hello, wow its been a while since I have posted anything!  Time gets away from me and I don't take the time to blog!! Football has started at our house and I feel like we eat sleep and breathe the sport!! Wes who's in the 5th grade plays corner back for the Archer City Midgets which is middle school!  Hayden who's in 2nd grade plays for the Archer City PeeWees which is elementary school! They both practice Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings, Games are Saturday evenings and Skyler and I both teach a Wednesday night Church class!! WHEW, Friday if the Wildcats are home we are usually there!!! Needless to say we are BUSY!  So to add to our football schedules Skyler, Wes, and I along with our friends the Bates went to College Station over the Labor Day weekend to watch the Aggies play their first game against SMU!! I have a 10 year old who is a DIE HARD Aggie fan!! He bleeds Maroon and White when he's not bleeding black and gold!! We had a blast and now he's more sure than ever in about 8 years he hopes to be a freshman at Texas A&M!!! In the mean time Caitlyn has decided she's going to do dance and Mason whom is not playing football this year has joined cub scouts!! I have decided I need 2 of me lol! We are busy but we are never bored, the kids are happy and enjoy staying busy and as long as I can stay caught up and the wheels don't fall off my car we will keep going! By the way did I say how much I have enjoyed this lovely weather we are having!! Well I guess I better figure out what's for supper tonight, the Wildcats are out of town so we have a night in!! Until next time!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Where to start??  Well our family has been SUPER busy, mostly with baseball!!! Summer is among us and that means here come all of our birthdays, Parker turned 3 May 16 so that means I have 4 left!!! So now that school is out and baseball is FINALLY over its time to relax a little, go swimming, and hopefully take a small vacation somewhere in the middle of our birthday season as some call it!  There are 7 people in our family and in a matter of 8 weeks we have 6 birthdays, mine is the only one off by itself!  It can be very exhausting and need I say expensive! This week and next week Mason and Hayden are staying in Wichita Falls with my grandma and mom to take swimming lessons, so its been kind of quiet around our house!  Wes thinks he needs to live at the pool or at a friends house, so he's not around nagging about being bored too much!  My kiddos are getting big and its very bittersweet for me, they have groups of friends, and are becoming very independent which is nice but a little sad!  My oldest will be 10 in a few weeks and that is eating at me, I'm going to have a 10 year old and a 5th grader :(  Well it's now 11pm and I'm still up and finally slowing down for the day, enjoying a little "ME" time!  Guess I'll post a few pic from baseball and Wes' baptism last weekend and hit the sack, the morning always shows up way before I'm ready LOL!! Until next time....
Pastor Mike and Wes, fixing to get baptized!

Haydens baseball team( top row 1st kid ) Skyler right behind him

Wes is a very happy kid after a win over City View

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stitches, Playing at the park, Easter parties!

Where to start?  I haven't blogged in what feels like forever, can you say busy!!!  We are in full swing of baseball with Wes and Hayden, which means atleast 3 nights a week we are at the baseball field!  We are all at church on Wednesday evenings, so there's 4 nights away from home...needless to say I haven't had to cook alot lately!  In the middle of our busy schedules, Wes got hurt on the playground at school a couple a weeks ago which resulted in an x-ray and stitches, which did not keep him from playing baseball! That was his main concern.  Caitlyn, Parker, and I found time on a Saturday evening to  go to the park and take a nice walk to the pond!  Now Easter has arrived, school parties are tomorrow and after church I spent my evening baking cupcakes and decorating cupcakes!!!  Its now nearly midnight and I'm having a little "me" time!  Also tonight we had a small rain shower, or as my husband would say rain sprinkle! We desperately need the rain and are praying for more, these wild fires Texas is experiencing is a tragedy!  I don't mean to cut it short, but 6:30 will come early in the morning and I should probably get some sleep!  Hope everyone has a blessed Easter! Until next time...

Wes's leg after stitches

Playing at the park

Easter Cupcakes

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sleep over at "Aunt Rikkis"

I have slacked on my blog a little lately! Basketball ended and we are now in the swing of baseball! YAY!! Daylight savings time came and that means longer day and spring :)  Spring break is also upon us and the kids are so excited and the weather is supposed to be perfect all week! Today was our nephew Seth's birthday party he will be 3 tomorrow, and his little sister Emily decided she needed to come home with Aunt Rikki and Uncle Skyler!! She's such a cutie, and might I add a little prissy butt! She is at such a cute age, she was 1 last month!  We are having a blast, she thinks the boys are histerically funny and loves playing right in the middle of them... It's now 11:20 p.m. and I'm just now having "me" time!  The weekends just seem to slip out from under me! 

March means alot is going on at our house, we have several birthdays in our family, spring break, baseball starting!  This past week on March 11, also a date that will stay with me forever, my dad has been gone 4 years this year and it seems like yesterday... I have learned to cope with the situation and it has gotten easier but that day just gets me down.

Hope everyone has a great spring break!

Drinking a Juicy Juice

playing with Wes

Uncle Skyler fell asleep first

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I think my headline explains it all... Where to start?  We are coming to an end with basketball season, Masons team came in first place in their division and made the end of the season tournament.  Wes's team will either be in first or second depending on how their last game goes on Saturday, they also made the end of the season tournament... So March 5, both boys will play in a tournament (probably the same time) such my luck!!  Also we are jumping in head first and strong with baseball this year... Wes is a sports finatic and he's good at everything, he strives and pushes himself to be good!!  Skyler is coaching Haydens machine pitch team!!  Mason hasn't decided if he's playing yet... So basically my husband is going to coach and I'm going to get the job of doing everything else from paperwork to arranging everything with parents!! OH JOY!! (sarcasm)... We have also been busy with our church, Skyler and I both teach a class on Wednesday nights at our church...I have the pleasure of working with 1st and 2nd grade girls along with my best friend of all time Shayla!!  Its trying at times but such an honor at the same time!!  SO SO glad spring is around the corner, I'm so tired of cold weather and I'm such a flip flop junkie!!! I haven't had the chance to blog as much as I have wanted, but as long as I can get on here a couple times a month I guess it will work!   Along with everything else I'm selling Scentsy, so if you are interested or know anyone let me know!!! Until next time :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow day #5

Well today is day 5 out of 8 that my kids have missed school... OH how we all wish this wintery February would GO AWAY! My kids already watch every movie and played every game last week, and dont want to again.  We have now started fighting and calling name and getting in trouble, having a blast.  I could call "Mother Nature" a few choice names right now and tell her to let us be Texas!  Wierd weather is fine, as long as its 80* in February!  Atleast this go around of winter weather wasn't as bad and there wasn't any ice involved!  Hope everyone is staying warm and not going stir crazy!
the bare spot is where Skyler was parked last night!
Not quite as thick on the car this time!